What I’ve Learned FromHaving a Baby in College

By Erika Pokrivsak Contributing Writer 1. College students are just like toddlers.  They are constantly whining about being hungry, bored or in need of a nap. 2. It is possible to type a paper on your

Turn off the Movie, Pick up the Book

By Richard MacTough Staff Writer Put down the phone and read an incredible book. Start with something simple. As the holidays begin, maybe flip through the pages of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Fiction guides


By Brittany Barnes Staff Writer On Nov. 10, fast-food employees, childcare attendants, airport staff, home care workers and other underpaid individuals across a hundred cities in America walked out of their establishments. The walkouts, which

Fa-La-La, It’s Just a Cup

By Amy Lukac Opinion Editor The holidays are right around the corner. We’re reminded of that every day with TV commercials, ads on social media, tinsel-covered stores and the decorative cups from various coffee shops. However,

Keep Jazz Alive: Zoot Fest 2015

By Randy Lertdarapong Web Editor ESU held the fifth annual Zoot Festival on Nov. 8 at the Innovation Center. “I’m not the most knowledgeable jazz fan, but I am a jazz fan. I love the

CAB: Students Serve Students

By Jodie Grier Staff Writer The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides many exciting activities and events for the ESU community. “We are here for you!” states Savannah Doyle, president of CAB. “All that we do is

Big Changes Ahead for Community Theater

By Erin McGuire Staff Writer On Nov. 6, the Pocono Community Theater announced some immense changes that will be coming soon. The biggest change is that local theater will now be called the Pocono Cinema and

Ten Struggles for a Bartender

By Crystal Smith Staff Writer 10. Order a Real Drink Let’s face it. Taking an $11 bottle of wine, mixing it with some Peach Schnapps and Razzmatazz, cutting up some strawberries and putting it on in a martini

Changes to GenEd Requirement Spark Controversy and Confusion

By Anthony Fabrikant Contributing Writer Last spring, ESU’s faculty approved, through voting, the implementation of alterations recommended by the General Education Committee. Although current students and their general education requirements will be as they were upon their acceptance

Kemp Hosts Final One Book Discussion: Reay and Smith Focus on Self-Preservation and Internet Archives

By Amy Lothian Staff Writer As the semester wraps up, so does ESU’s One Book, One Campus discussions surrounding Jess Row’s novel, “Your Face in Mine.” In the fifth and final discussion of the series,