Hillary Clinton: A Political Moderate

By Richard MacTough
News Editor

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is moderate or in the center. In many regards, she is also a Republican.

What really is the secretary of state’s job? One of the first roots in Clinton’s career is what many would refer to as a “Goldwater girl.”

Barry Goldwater was the Republican nominee for president who was recognized for being against the civil rights act of 1964. Clinton is a former Republican who switched to a democratic status in the early 1970’s.

She is still an advocate of the death penalty even though many liberals are against it. “I do, for very limited, particularly heinous crimes believe [the death penalty] is an appropriate punishment.” This statement was made months ago during a debate with Senator Bernie Sanders.

Capital punishment is seen as cruel and unusual to those that oppose it. Even though Democrats have strongly favored it in the past, many have changed their minds as to whether or not it is appropriate.

The problem with Clinton is that she has a hard time being transparent and sticking with what she believes in.

It wasn’t until three years ago that she decided to accept gay marriage and openly say it should be legal.

In the past, she had stated the belief that marriage should be between one man and a woman.

She also believes in a no-fly zone alongside many high-ranking Republicans such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

A no fly zone is a territory or an area that prohibits individuals from flying in that zone. If planes make their way into a restricted area, they could be shot down.

It is a strategy used to prevent bombings and many are concerned that it may result in innocent civilian deaths.

After 9/11, Clinton did vote in favor of the Iraq War. Many see this as going against democratic principles, but to be fair so did many other blue party officials.

Nine-Eleven, debatably one of the worst terrorist attacks in American history, was an event that allowed both sides to come to an easy agreement that war was an appropriate response.

Clinton has come out and told Americans that she believes global warming is a serious issue.

The problem is the secretary of state has taken over millions of contributions from lobbyists hired by fossil fuel companies. This fact can really make Americans question who her true constituents truly are.

Clinton is progressive on many liberal issues such as gun control, women’s rights and health care.

She has endorsed most of Sander’s plan for free education.

Eighty percent of Americans would be completely covered on college expenses through upper class tax loopholes and an exit tax for corporations that have offshore tax havens.

This all sounds great, except that she would not support free college education until Sanders finally endorsed her right before the Democratic Convention back in June.

Clinton is not transparent, so at times she may seem republican or democratic. Clinton is a moderate for sure.

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