Perks of Being a Tutor: Former ESU Student Encourages Students to Tutor on Campus

Students working diligently in the tutoring center Photo credit/ Peggy Diaco

By Peggy Diaco

Staff Writer

Need a job on campus in the fall and have a 3.0 GPA?  How about tutoring?

The tutoring center’s hours of operation are Monday through Thursdays, 8 am- 10pm and Fridays 8am-4pm. If students need help in specific courses, the tutoring will assign tutors who are proficient in that specific area to  help students.

However, what does it mean to be a tutor? Students gave their thought and opinions about how rewarding being a tutor.

According to Janice Tierperman , a ESU student and tutor, “Tutoring has really helped me come out og my shell and gain professional experience.”

A ESU senior, Lydia Hess, a ESU senior says, “I love tutoring because I enjoy hearing all of the passion that people have toward their filed of study and I enjoy helping them express themselves more eloquently.”

Glenn Smith, a Political Science graduate student who works in the tutoring department, also used to be a tutor.

Similar to the tutoring center, the writing center specifically offers tutoring to students who need help with different aspects of writing.

“I just really enjoy having the opportunity to help people it can be very frustrating to have to attempt to figure things out on your own, to have a second set of eyes and someone to talk it out with can really alleviate some of that stress. Especially during this week” says ESU senior, Ariel Mickey, senior

According to Smith,“I advise anyone who is considering being a tutor to do it,” said Smith, “the feeling of accomplishment is incomparable and it is nice to earn some extra pocket change.”

Smith also said that tutoring is a great way to build your resume as well as meet other students.

Jenny Bront is a grammar tutor who realizes just how difficult English grammar can be.

“I struggled through grammar when I had to take it,” said Bront.

Grammar tutors are difficult to find and Bront said that she likes to help her fellow students.

Bront also received tutoring when she was taking Chinese so she knows how helpful it can be.

“You’re paying for it in yor tuition fees so you might as well take advantage of it,” said Bront.

Bront also said that you shouldn’t be shy when it comes to asking for help.   

“Would you rather skip the help because you are too embarrassed to ask for it or repeat a class?” said Bront. “The choice is easy.”

Bront suggests that tutoring is also a good way to keep up your knowledge of a subject.

Dr. Fernando Perez is the tutoring coordinator in the department of academic enrichment and learning in Rosenkrans East. He took over the position three years ago and has been diligently working to improve it every year.

“This semester was definitely the best,” said Perez.

He researched how other insitutions ran their tutoring departments and he found that most of the them had a combination of professional and peer tutors. He also found that most institutions had walk-in models where schedules were posted and students could attend the group time most convenient for them.

“We do assign one-on-one tutoring for a handful of students upon request,” said Perez. 

The first year that Dr. Perez was coordinator he assigned one-on-one tutoring to most students, which proved to be problematic.

“One of the challenges was students dropping out of one-on-one tutoring without informing the tutor,” said Perez.  “This year, having the drop-in group tutoring labs worked very well.”

Emails went out to prospective tutors and faculty recently.  Dr. Perez said they really need tutors for biology and physics.

“Economics is also a challenge,” said Perez.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for the fall semester and have a 3.0 GPA, drop-in to see Dr. Perez in Rosenkrans.  He will walk you through the process of becoming a tutor.

Pay for undergraduates is $9 an hour and graduate students receive $11 an hour.

“A hope for the future is to have students who tutor in one subject cover each other in case of illness or absence,” said Perez.

He also is asking for the help of all faculty to speak to their best students and recommend them as tutors.

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