ESU Hosts Fall Equinox Outdoor Yoga Session

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Anastasia Basheer

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Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness, Jill Harper, hosted the first ever Fall Equinox Outdoor Yoga Session in an effort to continue to promote health and wellness among the ESU community, on Sep. 22 on the Main Quad.

“It’s been a really rough spring and summer and we always try to do something at the change of seasons but this year even with not a lot of students on campus it just felt like something we all needed to do, it’s a nice way to welcome in the new season and let go of some of the old stuff,” said Harper, giving some insight as to what inspired the session.

The fall, or autumnal, equinox is, “two moments in the year when the sun is exactly above the equator and day and night are of equal length,”according to the,

Before the session started some students stated they came to the session just to spend quality time outside, while some say they practice yoga regularly .

“I always went to the weekly sessions on campus and I did the online classes, so I am happy to be back outside,” said Nicole Krozser, a sophomore.

On the other hand, others opted to join as first timers.

“This is my first-time practicing yoga, I came to try it and to spend some time outside,” said graduate student Chelsea Roberts Williams.

What better way is there to welcome this new season than to relieve stress by clearing our minds, channeling our inner energy and getting a little physical while at it with some outdoor yoga?

“I don’t practice too much, but I enjoy the stretching,” said Gina Lobdell, a senior.

Students can benefit greatly from practicing yoga. Five ways yoga can help students with their socially demanding lives are by reducing and eliminating stress, reducing conflict, improving concentration, improving posture and strengthening your core, according to the Explore Health Careers website.

At the beginning of the session, the attendees were given four cards which represented the four elements: water, air, fire and earth.

The session focused on what kept the students grounded and what they needed to let go of, to help them enter the new season afresh and ready for new opportunities.

“We’re going to look at our inner light for our practice today, and focus on moving on, letting go like the leaves on the trees fall during the fall,”Harper said, as she addressed the group.

Some of the yoga positions used at the practice were the high lunge or crescent pose, downward dog, plank and the cobra pose.

After the session, the students said they felt good and enjoyed the practice.

“I am actually one of the instructors at the Rec Center,”said junior Sydney Peet. “I saw the notice in the weekly warrior notes. I felt great, relaxed.” 

The first timers also enjoyed the session and may consider adding it to their schedule.

“I usually run so it was a nice switch up,” said Liv Campbell, a senior. “I felt really relaxed, I’m having a stressful week so it’s nice to relax and I would definitely practice more.”

At the end of the session, an autumn blessing by Rhaevyn Hart was read to the attendees.

The blessing acknowledged that the fall season is a time to recalibrate and to make way for new opportunities and blessings.

As said by writer and poet Victoria Erickson, “If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour.”

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