DJ of the Week: Connor Scovil

The latest DJ of the Week. Photo Courtesy / Connor Scovil
The latest DJ of the Week. Photo Courtesy / Connor Scovil
The latest DJ of the Week. Photo Courtesy / Connor Scovil
The latest DJ of the Week.
Photo Courtesy / Connor Scovil

By Jillian Deiley
Staff Writer

Each week a Disc Jockey from East Stroudsburg University’s radio station, 90.3 WESS, is selected as DJ of the week for their exceptional performance and hard work on the air.

This week’s DJ of the week is Connor Scovil for his radio show Tech Noir.

Scovil is from the Stroudsburg area and is currently a senior at ESU, pursuing a degree in communications with a track focus in broadcasting.

His show, Tech Noir, focuses on the world of synth wave, the electronic music style derived from the 1980s.

“If you want to hear electronic music inspired by music of the past which was usually about the future, you will want to listen in to Tech Noir,” stated Scovil about the music genre.

The inspiration for the show stemmed from his love for the synth wave band, Gunship.

Although he was already a fan of the genre, Gunship’s song, Tech Noir, motivated him to follow the format of synth wave for his radio show.

Because the genre originated in the 1980s he enjoys making plenty of 1980s references to follow the genre arrangement.

“I wanted to give off a sci-fi vibe, but not the sci-fi of today; I prefer the sci-fi of those from thirty years ago imagining what the world will be like right now” Scovil said.

Scovil loves doing his and show and being a part of WESS due to all of the experiences and people he has met through the radio station.

Working for WESS helped him develop a true love for radio, and he plans to enter the radio-broadcasting field after graduation.

“My favorite thing about WESS is everybody I’ve had the privilege to work with, but a good runner up is how WESS ignited a passion within me to give chase to a career in the radio industry,” he said.

His aspirations for the future are to transform the current state of commercial radio, in regards to their content delivery, and to one day, run his own radio station.

Listeners can catch Connor Scovil’s show, Tech Noir, Fridays at 1 p.m. on 90.3 WESS via the radio, or they can stream WESS over the web at

For those who cannot listen to Tech Noir at its original time can listen to internet podcasts of the show at and search WESS.

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