Walking for a Cause: ESU’s Annual Pink Light Walk Rasies Breast Cancer Awareness

 Charlese Freeman

Student Life Editor

A wave of pink and chatter flooded Sci Tech’s lawn last Thursday for ESU’s annual Pink Light Walk. The crowd consist of vendors such as Aging & Disabilities Resource Center (ADRC) and Amazon’s Prime Students as well as student organizations, clubs and teams.

“We love helping out with the community and supporting all causes,” said Robert Botman, President of Kappa Delta Rho.

The importance of raising awareness for breast cancer and supporting those who fall victim to the deadly disease was the core value of the walk. Through all the festivities of the event, no one lost sight of the purpose.

Supporters socialized for an hour before the pink mass started its journey toward the Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono. The crowd obstructed traffic, but drivers gave supportive honks and cheers.

The event continued its tradition— including its pink fire truck trailing the rear of the crowd. The taffy colored truck covered with signatures of survivors and supporters carried survivors and their families into the reception area.

At the end of the walk supporters were met with refreshments—brownies, cupcakes, cookies, popcorn and pink lemonade.

The American Cancer Society notes that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, lung cancer being the first.  

“It’s important that I be here because my wife there is a survivor,” said Rick Sanker (who).

An assorted collection of decorative bras, covered in glistening gems and multicolored feathers hung centered in the back of the reception area, which many took group photos to show resilience and encouragement.

This year the Lehigh Valley staff prepared a podium for a special breast cancer survivor to share her story.

“I would like to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart, from everybody to doctors, nurses, and volunteers. Cancer has changed me, made me stronger and I believe I am a better person. It showed me to appreciate where I am in my journey, even if it’s not what I want,” said Marta Thompson, a breast cancer survivor. “I believe every season in my life serves a purpose and things happen for a reason.

Everyday patients, doctors, loved ones and survivors continue the fight to cure breast cancer. Although the fight is nonstop, October is the official month of breast cancer recognition and awareness.

“I have a sister who is a breast cancer survivor, and anything that I can do to support any of the initiatives, rather it be education, money, whatever it is, I’m glad to do it,” shared Kathie Cummings.

Staying true to another staple tradition of the event, after concluding her speak, Thompsongallantly ran over to the Dale and Frances Hughes Cancer Center crab apple tree to initiate lighting the tree. The once dull tree glowed with fluorescent pink lights with one flick of a switch.  

I would like to share with you my dream, that I would wake up one morning, turn on the news and hear ‘the cure for cancer was found,’” Thompson said.That’s my dream.”

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