Nino’s Italian Hotdogs Brings Italian Roots to Main Street in Stroudsburg

Photo Credit/ Lynne McGee

Lynne McGee

Staff Writer

Do you want something new? Tired of campus food or that regular run to Wawa? Try Nino’s Italian Hotdogs on Main Street!

Nino’s initially opened back in January, just before the coronavirus really hit the U.S.

Sadly, the small business took a hit as students had left campus and  never got to experience the deliciousness that Nino’s brings in each bite.

Nino’s Italian Hotdog’s may have hit an unlucky bump in the road due to COVID, but it hasn’t stopped them.

This small business is gradually taking over Main Street with its colorful red, white, and green representing their Italian roots in the small town of East Stroudsburg.

Nino’s represents what an Italian meal should be: delicious and inexpensive.

Each time I’ve come in always greet me with a smile, and a genuine attitude.

Truly, every customer is greeted with nonstop happiness and excitement from the staff.

The inside is minimal because everything they have is in their food!

The walls are decorated with a few posters, but their customers come in for a good Italian meal.

It is comforting in every aspect as you watch them make your food in real time.

Ninos begins each day hand-cutting their fries. Fresh fries are guaranteed every day, and I’ve got to say, they are some of the best fries I have ever had.

Offering regular fries, mozzarella fries, chili cheese fries and Italian beef fries there is never a dull moment with your food.

In my visit, I had gotten the mozzarella cheese fries, and sweet Italian sausage, Italian style. Personally, their mozzarella cheese fries are to die for.

You can never go wrong with cheesy fries on a Friday night. Honestly, I’d get it again right now if I could.

A friend of mine had gotten a cheesesteak from Ninos, in which he stated there was no competition. It is easily the best cheesesteak in East Stroudsburg.

A good ratio of meat, to cheese, to bread it easily beats out any other shop.

Nino’s menu isn’t just limited to Italian specials. They offer grilled chicken, chicken cutlets, hamburgers, and even a veggie option.

There is something for everyone here at a great price.

It is the perfect place for a college student. With discounts for students, and late nights Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m. it is a great late-night meal.

Currently delivering locally, and on DoorDash, Grubhub, and UberEats this affordable eatery is awesome for college students.

Truly, it is a small hole in the wall that is a bright light to Main Street.

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