Growing Hype for Paolini`s Series

By Laura Dildine

After a refreshing summer vacation, it’s time to dive back into the books—but not all of them have to be for school. One book due out this semester has created a lot of hype up until now—Inheritance.

This fourth and last book in the Inheritance Cycle, written by Christopher Paolini, will come out on Novembor 8th, but that wasn’t always the case. Originally, Paolini planned to write only three novels, dubbing it the Inheritance Trilogy. Eragon and Eldest came out exactly as planned, but shortly before the third book was released, Paolini announced that there was no way he could cover what he wanted to in just three books, so Brisingr came out as the third book in the Inheritance Cycle and fans were left waiting yet again for the final book to arrive in this epic fantasy adventure series.

Now, with little less than two months to go until Inheritance’s release, all seems to be running smoothly, quietly even, but the fans are anything but quiet. Unlike fans of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games, who all have movie franchises to help publicize their books, Eragon’s movie was such a big flop that the Inheritance Cycle is not as big in the media as those others. Nevertheless, fans are starting to get very loud and excited for this upcoming release.

These books have worldwide renown, being published in numerous languages and having sold millions of copies.

The series follows the eventful life of Eragon, an orphaned farm boy turned warrior and Dragon Rider, as he traverses the land of Alagaesia learning to be a Dragon Rider so he can defeat the tyrant ruler Glabatorix. While the first book shows certain signs of being written by a teenager (Paolini was only 17 when Eragon’s manuscript was completed), the series does expand and deepen as it goes.

While the text is lengthy, much of it is eerily familiar of Tolkien and etc., the story is adored by many regardless of these heavy critiques. It’s quite and eventful story, and Eragon is a very likeable character. He certainly tries his best, even if it does blow up in his face, but who can’t relate to that?

This series has a well laid out history and multiple languages (very Tolkien-esque, no?). Many readers who enjoy this aspect of fiction will very much enjoy this series if they haven’t already picked them up. From romance, to self-discovery and war, this series really covers all the bases in its many pages.

However, with all this content, many fans are wondering if the numerous pages will weigh the series down? Or if the conclusion will be satisfying or just a bust. Only time can tell now, and fans will have to wait until November 8th for all of their questions to be answered.

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