Lost in the Corn: A Pocono Tradition

By Cassandra Stephens

Under a star-punched sky, thick, yellowing stalks brush against wool jackets and bare hands nightly in what is unofficially recognized as corn maze season.

Every year, locals and tourists are enchanted by the twists and turns of Mazezilla, the area’s largest corn maze. Sprawling over 11 acres, this year’s quest has been designed under the theme, “Saluting Our Heroes”.

On September 17th, the challenge begins. Mazezilla will be open from 11AM-10PM this Saturday, and its arrival should not go unnoticed.

Pulling into the parking lot, visitors will be greeted by a pumpkin patch and a quaint, tented produce stand. Patrons can pick and purchase their own pumpkins, corn, other produce and baked goods. From the market, board the tractor-pulled hayride that spirals down a dirt path to the maze.

Before entering the maze, participate in pumpkin tossing, or slip down the 100-foot slide. On average, the corn maze takes two hours to complete. A concession truck offers goodies such as fried Oreos and hot chocolate, so grab treats before or after the maze.

Once tickets are purchased, you and your group will be given a brief overview of the maze and rules.  Throughout the maze are a series of hole punches. You must punch every shape on your admission ticket; only then will you conquer Mazezilla.

You may, of course, exit the maze without completing the punches, but it is much more satisfying to emerge victorious. There is staff available for any medical emergency, or if you wish to exit the maze immediately. The best time to embark on this quest is at night, when the carefully engineered maze becomes tantamount with the Minotaur’s dwelling.

Sink your feet in the muddy soil, dress warmly, and bring a flashlight. Mazezilla promises an interesting start to the fall that will not quickly be forgotten.

Admission is affordable. If you go before 5PM, the cost is $8 for adults, $6 for children 4-11 years old, and free for those under the age of 4. At night, the price jumps to $10 for adults and $8 for children. If you have a group of 15 or more, there is $1 off per person.