MTV`s Video Music Awards: An Annual Pursuit of Shock-Factor

by Kimberly Dickson

Every year the MTV Video Music Awards seems to have crazier performances and this year was no exception. The show started off with Lady Gaga channeling her inner man while showing off her surprisingly credible acting skills. With a cigarette in hand, Gaga graced the stage with a thick New York accent and greasy black wig as she posed as a man she once dated. After “he” went on a rant, that was at times awkward, Gaga sat at her piano and started singing her song “You and I” from her latest album “Born This Way.” Later on during the show, she presented Britney Spears with the Video Vanguard award, still dressed as a man. Awkward would be a good word to describe the moment they shared on stage. Spears was visibly uncomfortable with Gaga’s presence as they pretended to reenact the infamous Britney and Madonna make out session before Spears backed out saying, “I’ve already done that.”

Another odd production was Chris Brown’s acrobatic skills or better yet, lack of, during the performance of his song “Beautiful People.” Attached to strings, Brown would zip across the stage and be placed back onto the stage to dance for a couple seconds before flying through the air again. The acrobatics had nothing to do with the song and the fact that it was Chris Brown made it worse. Maybe he should stick to dancing on pavement. I happened to step out of the room during Jay-Z and Kanyes performance of “Otis” but from the sound of karaoke rapping coming from my living room full of roommates gave me the idea that it was a good performance.

Some of the biggest news of the night actually came from Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce. The moment Beyonce fans around the world have been waiting for, she formally announced her pregnancy on the red carpet just hours before she would perform her latest single “Love on Top” from her phenomenal new album “4.” At the end of her performance, B opened her pink sequin blazer and rubbed her baby bump for the world to see. She undoubtedly had that mother-to-be glow on her face. The show ended with Lil’ Wayne of course wearing girls leopard leggings. You can always leave it up to MTV to keep you questioning the thoughts and morals of our favorite celebrities.