Off-Campus Calendar of Events: Fall 2011

By Rachel Vowcicefski

Looking for things to do near campus?  There are plenty of fun things to do whether you walk or you drive.  Grab some friends and go to some of these fun things happening this fall.


16 Joan Rivers is at Mount Airy Casino at 9PM, along with a Singing Bartender

17 Mazezilla Opens

22 Infected mushroom plays at the Sherman Theater

23 Charansalsa and a DJ at the Bar in Mount Airy Casino

24 Sportsman Show at Mount Airy Casino

24-25 PRCA Rodeo and Chili Cook-off at Shawnee Mountain Resort, with real live professional cowboys and cowgirls competing to win thousands in the competition


2 Oktoberfest on Main Street in Stroudsburg, where vendors will line the street and with crafts, food and beer!

8 Michael Amante is at Mount Airy Casino

8-9 Autumn Timber Festival, see real lumber jacks sculpt wood and climb trees at Shawnee Mountain Resort

16 Chris Robinson plays at the Sherman Theater

22 1964: The Tribute, deemed the best Beatles tribute band by the Rolling Stone Magazine

22 Blue Oyster Cult is at Mount Airy Casino

29 The Rocky Horror Picture Show is going on at the Sherman Theater


10 Phil Vassar is at the Sherman Theater

12 Flock of Seagulls

20 Social Distortion is at the Sherman Theater

25-26 Railroad Earth is at the Sherman Theater

26 The Spinners are at Mount Airy Casino

For more information about these events, visit the locations’ websites.

Wondering if the restaurants around town will break the bank?  These restaurants have great food and are not too expensive.

Everybody’s Café:  Café priced food with great service and great food.  It’s a great spot for taking a first date.

Sarah Street Grill:  On the higher end of priced food, but is definitely worth it.  They have quality sushi, awesome sandwiches and great entrées, not to mention an awesome beer list

Sweet Creams:  among their fantastic selection of homemade ice creams, their café sandwiches are wonderful and for around $10 you can get lunch or dinner and ice cream.

Cedars Mediterranean Grill: has fantastic affordable Mediterranean food, especially the Baklava and the gyros.