Turn off the Cams, ESU!

By Maria Phillips

By Andrew Velasquez

Did anyone happen to notice the cameras displaying construction on ESU’s campus? These cameras are live feed on the school’s website. I’m unsure of the purpose for these cameras. I might understand the cameras being on a construction site for surveillance, but why are they on live feed for students?

If any student is truly interested in the construction on campus, they can walk to the site and watch live. The cameras seem like an unnecessary cost for bandwidth and for setup. Most students living on campus can see out their window. The sounds are making them miserable. Does ESU think these students want a close up view to go with the disturbing sounds?

If the campus wants to get high tech with cameras on campus, display them in the Union or some other high-traffic area with a television so students can amuse themselves. If the number of viewers to this camera were to be shown, the number would be low.

The views of the construction aren’t too pleasurable in the first place. I miss having my Quad with the nice green grass to sit on and read while others play sports.

ESU, please remove the live feed from the website.  Spend your time  attempting to fix your ESUPortal site, which is the biggest joke of the campus. Yes, it’s a bigger joke than the parking, construction and internet.