Teen Mom

By Faith Parker

This Fall, the MTV series Teen Mom ended its third season. The series premiered in December of 2009 and follows four moms, Amber, Caitlin, Farrah, and Maci on their journey through teenage motherhood. This season contained an overwhelming amount of drama. It was one of those shows that many found annoying, but incredibly hard to turn off.

Maci is the fan favorite; she continually proves to be the most put together of the four moms. This season she continued to finish college and successfully live on her own with her new boyfriend, Kyle. Fans got to see a lot of drama stir up amongst Maci, Kyle, and her son Bentley’s father, Ryan. Nearly every episode Ryan was complaining that Maci allowed Kyle to live under the same roof as their son without his permission. By the season’s end Ryan finally let the argument go and the drama receded.

Caitlin comes in at a close second with fans because of her choice to put her daughter Carly up for adoption. She and her boyfriend Tyler showed viewers what it was like for a young couple to stay together after choosing adoption. These two came from a difficult background and this season they dealt with Tyler’s father, Caitlin’s stepfather, going in and out of jail. (Yes, Caitlin’s mom married Tyler’s dad so technically the two love birds had a child together and are step siblings, but that’s another story.) These two proved that life can go on after having a child at such a young age, but for the first time in three seasons, Tyler expressed doubt in their relationship.

Farrah lost fans this season due to her selfish decisions. This teen has always come off as being an overly emotional person and continued to display emotional outbursts throughout season three. She was constantly throwing temper tantrums and arguing with her mother for no reason. In the final episode Farrah revealed her decision to leave her daughter Sophia with her parents when she moves to Florida in the upcoming months, only to take back her decision in the reunion episode. It is uncertain about where Sophia ended up.

The fourth teen mom, Amber, finally got what she deserved this season. Fans watched as Amber spend twenty four hours in jail for beating up her baby’s father, Gary, last season. She was in and out of court and rarely had custody of her child this time around. Her relationship with her Gary was an annoyance throughout the season. Those two were constantly breaking up and getting back together. I think fans have finally seen enough of this unhealthy relationship and demonstration of bad parenting.

The season finale recapped the season’s highlights. The four girls sat on stage with Psychologist Dr. Drew to discuss personal issues and struggles throughout the season. The night ended with a showing of unseen moments throughout the season and left fans wanting more. No announcement of a fourth season has been made.