Drake “Take Care” Review

By Kathryn Bock

Coming a long way from playing Jimmy Brooks on the TV show Degrassi; Drake recently released his album “Take Care.” As predicted the highly anticipated album leaked on the Internet allowing fans to download “Take Care” before it’s actual release date.

Featuring artists like Lil Wayne, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross the album is destined for success.   Drake released some songs before the actual date the album was to be released, including his single Headlines.

Listening to Drake’s new album “Take Care” feels like a breath of fresh air. His simplicity in expressing his true feelings shows his lyrical genius. He delivers every sentence in an original, creative, and clever way, that keeps fans intrigued and wanting to hear more.

The album opens with “Over my Dead Body.” a simple melody over piano chords. His catchy words introduce some thoughts he will continue to express throughout the album, such as; “jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.” However, most of his fame is due to the unarguable passion we hear in every song on the album.

Whether you are one to really take his lyrics into consideration or just like the way the songs sound, “Take Care” is an album many fans are sure to enjoy.

The theme that seems to be present in “Take Care” is Drake’s need to describe the fame he has been experiencing, from a real human perspective doing so while portraying emotion that any one listener can relate to.  Drake takes his skills in the music field and translates his thoughts through music in a way that many people can relate too.

The second song on the album next “Shot for me” gets more personal, admitting he feels he is accused of changing as a person and describes past relationships. This shows the deeper side of the artist, and opens doors to listeners by him expressing his true colors. The next few songs on “Take Care” are motivating to anyone who feels like celebrating. It seems like he is encouraging his fans to be over confident and to really live their lives to the fullest.  Not taking things for granted is a trend in several of Drakes songs new and old.

“Really I think I like who I’m becoming,” said by Drake in his new song, Crew Love, shows he is a developing person. He preaches about his own personal morals such as selflessness and practicing patience stating, “I might blow like 50k on a vacation, for all my soldiers, just to see all of the looks on all their faces. All it took was patience.”

In a later song he explains how he claimed he was the greatest before he knew he was. His success support that quote and proves how far believing in yourself can actually take you.  There can be pages analyzing each song of this album, however these are just a few messages the album sends across. “Take Care” expresses that life is always a learning experience.

It was expected that after the success of his previous albums “Take Care” had a lot to live up too.  It can be said simply that Drake out did himself with this album and his success, as an artist, will only continue.