Night Without A Home

By Kate Space

On Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 7 P.M., East Stroudsburg University’s Sociology Club held its fourth annual “Night Without a Home.”

The event held on the quad, is a 12-hour tribute to raise awareness about homelessness in America. Students joined members of the Sociology Club in sleeping outside in cardboard shelters, pledging to give up their own homes for a night with only a bonfire to keep them warm.

The event aimed to make a statement about the struggles of the homeless and to catch the attention of students, faculty, and the community. The experience gives students a first hand experience about the hardship of living in America without a bed or home, as well as an opportunity to pledge to work to educate each other and the community about the hardship.

Students participating in the event were asked not to use cell phones or technological devices so that they could experience a night devoid of belongings and materialism.

Sociology Club member Chris Ross reflected on what the event meant to him. “So many people take shelter and warmth for granted.  Events such as “Night Without a Home” need to occur in more areas to spread awareness about such a severe problem that is a reality for millions of Americans.”

“Night Without a Home” is a major annual event for ESU’s Sociology Club as well as numerous organizations across the nation working together to shed light on the homelessness of America.