ESU’s Recreation Center B opens its doors to athletic minds

By Jessica Willner (Email Jessica at:
SC Staff Writer

Even though New Year’s resolutions have begun to slowly slip out of the minds of busy college students, it is more important than ever to keep up with the fitness goals. A student who exercises regularly can tackle quizzes, papers, projects, and other time consuming responsibilities more effectively and with a better mindset.  David Atkinson, certified trainer, explains, “Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity.”

Fortunately for East Stroudsburg University students, a new recreation center opened Monday, February 15, 2012. Located in the lower level of the new Residence Hall B, the facility is home to a variety of new cardiovascular and strength training equipment.         The center’s up-to-date cardiovascular machines provide virtual information and active videos, iPod charging stations, and touch screens. The center also has Matrix G3 Series strength equipment, which won popular vote in a student survey, along with free and plate loaded weights.

In addition to the new equipment, the center also houses the Lifestyle Management Office.  Here students can find personal trainers who provide fitness assessments, individualized plans, equipment training, and other consultations and training.

A highlighted feature of the new fitness center is the indoor cycling studio, which contains fifteen Matrix Livestrong Bikes. The facility charges $3 per visit or $30 per semester for the indoor cycling classes in order to fund the cycling program. Each class accommodates 15 riders.

In comparison with the Mattioli Recreation Center, the Recreation Center B is 43,000 square feet smaller. However, the cardiovascular area is 418 square feet larger, and the free weight area is nearly twice in size. The new fitness center lacks racquetball, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, as well as an elevated indoor track, but it does provide ample space for cardiovascular and weight training and a large stretching and functional training area.

Not only does the new center provide abundant opportunities for individual and partner-based workouts, but it also has a studio for group fitness classes. These classes offer exciting opportunities to mix up dull exercise routines. With studios in both fitness centers, not only will students be offered a wider variety of classes, but they will also have more opportunities to fit classes into their schedules. Group fitness classes offer something for everyone, from yoga enthusiasts to cardio-addicts, and provide excellent opportunities for students seeking a more structured workout.

With midterms quickly approaching, the workload, along with the pressure, is increasing. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise “can ease your stress levels and give you a sense of command over your body and your life.” Students are encouraged to take advantage of the new facility and of the benefits on the mind, body, and spirit through exercise.