I Salute You Partiers!

By: Jaimey Strauch (Email Jaimey at stroudcourier@yahoo.com)
SC Staff Writer

This may be an unpopular opinion, but after four years here I’ve developed a respect for the party folk around here. Just how do they do it, and not fail?

I’ve never been much of a partier. In high school my friends and I hung around abandoned buildings or smoked smuggled cigarettes in a cemetery. We weren’t very daring. That being said, I’ve never had to worry about how I was going to manage waking up for an eight am class after a night of partying. The hardcore partiers don’t even worry. They just do it. Have they taken a class in how to pull all this off?

The ones with jobs should get an award. You’re telling me you have a full class load, go to work after, then come home to get your clubbing gear on, and the next day you do it again? Do you know what sleep is? That’s remarkable. There must be a science to this.

And of course there are also the sad partiers. These are the ones that fail at their mission. Sure they get drunk beyond belief and probably have a great time doing so. However, they’re the ones who suffer consequences. They go over their three absence limit for Italian II. They probably don’t get tips at their waitressing job because they had a snarky attitude due to their hangover. They might have even lost their iPod in a cab, thus messing up their work outs. And if their work outs are tampered with, how can they maintain their party physique?

I may not be a party rocker in the house tonight, but I’ve certainly developed a respect for the effort these guys put in. I salute you.