ESU’s Dress for Success Fashion Show

By Kate Space
SC Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 11, Career Services and Recreation & Leisure Services Management held a Dress for Success fashion show at 7 p.m. in the Abeloff Center for the Performing Arts. The show, which offered free admission to students, showcased the dos and don’ts of workplace fashion, including business casual looks and interview appropriate attire. Donations were accepted to benefit the American Cancer Society, and sponsors of the event included ESU’s Career Resources Center, Kitchen Chemistry, The Vision Beauty Academy of Stroudsburg School of Cosmetology, and Hot Heads Salon. Hot Heads Salon as well as students from the Stroudsburg School of Cosmetology helped out with hair and makeup, allowing the thirteen student models to look their best as they strut their stuff down the runways of Abeloff.

The event was part of a semester-long project for students studying event planning. Jessica Correia, Alexis Ettore, Jessica Flanagan, Elizabeth Kelso, Kevin Melnick, Ashley Roesler, Joe Sprovkin, Jenny Traute, and Cara Wengen were among the nine students responsible for planning the fashion show from beginning to end, including gaining sponsorships and making connections with local businesses. Announcer, Christopher Landino, offered insightful commentary as each of the models posed on stage in their ensemble. Landino introduced each model and explained the professional setting in which each outfit would be appropriate. For many potential employers, first impressions expand well beyond a resume, and a lack of professionalism in an applicant’s wardrobe can hinder success in the workplace. The Dress for Success Fashion Show presented examples of acceptable and unacceptable professional attire, helping students better understand what is expected of them as they begin their journeys into the professional world. Attendants of the fashion show enjoyed goodie bags filled with informational packets from Career Services as well as coupons from Kitchen Chemistry and The Vision Beauty Academy.