Farewell to Hit Show: One Tree Hill

By Kate Space
SC Staff writer

After nine fan-frenzied seasons, the CW’s popular teen drama One Tree Hill came to a close on Wednesday, April 4, wrapping up 187 episodes of small-town drama, friendships, romance, breakups, and all the juicy stuff in between.

The series starred James Lafferty, Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Robert Buckley, Austin Nichols, Shantel Van Santen, and Jackson Brundage. The two-hour series finale of One Tree Hill included interviews with the creator and cast of the show looking back on the past nine years, describing their best memories of One Tree Hill and the growth of the characters and the storyline as the seasons progressed. The show, a favorite of many, has left countless viewers sad to see the series come to an end.

“It wasn’t just your average teenage television show. I grew up with One Tree Hill,” says senior Christina Fonseca. “In every episode, there was always a character or a situation that you could relate to; there was always an inspirational lesson to learn. As a One Tree Hill fan, the final episode was a pivotal moment. It was sad to finally say goodbye to the characters I fell in love with. There will always be only One Tree Hill.”

The series finale was an emotional time for both fans and cast members alike. The show’s creator, Mark Schwahn, shared similar sentiments on the filming of the final episode, saying, “There were a lot of tears because, just on a human level, we’ve all been together for so long. One hundred and eighty-seven episodes is a long time.”

Although fans may be disappointed to see the series come to a close, the CW is giving the show’s supporters an opportunity to win a collection of props from the filming of One Tree Hill. Fans will be able to take a piece of Tree Hill with them and look back on the fond memories of a television show that was a part of our lives for nearly a decade. To enter the contest or to watch the full series finale episode, visit www.cwtv.com.

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