What to do at East Stroudsburg University

By Vanessa Scott
SC Staff Writer

Have you ever found yourself on campus, wishing there was something to do? It seems like many of us find ourselves here, thinking that Wal-Mart and Holy Guacamole are our second homes, but there is much more beyond the borders of East Stroudsburg to explore. I know, I know, but you’re broke right? You don’t have a car? Stop making excuses and live a little. With more than half of the student population consisting of commuters, it isn’t hard to make a friend who owns a car.
Aside from that, the Pocono Pony has extended its routes and is ready to take you where you want to go. Although many of these may require a little cash, so what? You only live once. You’re going to be broke no matter what as a college student. So splurge a little and have some fun! Here are ten destinations close to ESU for the next time you’re bored:

1. The Delaware Water Gap
For the avid outdoorsy people, there are many scenic places to hike in the area. The Delaware Water Gap offers various trails that range from those for beginner hikers to the hop-over-sunken-rocks-to-get-across-the-river hikers. Pack a nice bottle of water, maybe even a snack, and slide into a pair of hiker friendly sneakers. Reaching the top of the Water Gap is a breathtaking experience that will make you wonder why you didn’t go sooner.  Let Mother Nature welcome you to her hidden secrets at Sunfish Pond and various waterfalls found throughout the trails of the gap.  For more information, check out the Delaware Water Gap website: nps.gov/dewa/planyourvisit/hiking-nj.htm
2. Skylanes Bowling Alley
Skylanes has recently undergone tremendous renovations. It not only offers cosmic bowling and an up-to-date bar, but it now has big screen televisions that play music videos while people bowl. The new flat screen televisions replaced the 1999 hipster bulky models, and they even allow you to choose your own theme for the scoreboard. The floors have been changed from murky, dirty tiles to fresh squares of white, allowing you to drink and eat on the bowling room floor. The seats have been revamped and new cup holders sit behind the seats for easy access.  The alley offers a special where you can bowl an hour for just $10.00.

3. Cinemark Movie Theater
With the newest movie theater, Cinemark, located in the Stroud Mall, you can relax in stadium seating and watch one of the latest movies without worrying about that “big head” sitting in front of you. The new theater is the first in the area to have the seats on an upward slant, as seen in theaters such as AMC in Rockaway, NJ. Matinee will cost you $5.25 and regular admission is $8.50.  Get movie times at www.cinemark.com.

4. Big Wheel Roller Rink
Get back in touch with your inner child by strapping a pair of wheels on your feet. Never learned to roller skate? Here’s the perfect chance. With specials starting at $5, you can skate a whole session, which lasts about three hours on the rink. Don’t worry; we won’t expect you to pull any flying spins! Visit them at www.bigwheelskating.com.

5. Frontier Falls Mini Golf
Putt-putt your way to Frontier Falls Mini Golf. Try out your swing on two 18-hole courses at this mini golf course located at Wyndham at Shawnee Village. Shawnee Activities Associate and ESU senior, Arthur Meyer says it’s special because “It’s one of the only mini golf courses left in the area. It sports two different types of courses ranging from easy to hard, and it’s open to the public for a decent price.”  Tickets start at $3 per person but are subject to change.  Learn about this course at www.shawneeinn.com.

6. Mount Airy Casino
Despite the fact that this may potentially cost you a lot of money, an evening out at the casino with a group of friends provides a fun and entertaining experience. If you go between Friday and Sunday, you can even hit up the Gypsies Lounge, where there are often DJs and drink specials. Be sure to check beforehand though, for there are sometimes shows going on in the lounge—but hey, maybe you’ll find a show you want to go to! The casino has recently opened a brand new poker room and offers various table games as well as slot machine choices.  Check them out: www.mountairycasino.com.

7. S&S Speedways
For those of you with a competitive edge, break out your lead foot and test your driving skills on S&S Speedways’ indoor go-kart track. You may not walk out as Jeff Gordon, but you can pick up some new racing talents. Don’t worry about the weather conditions; these tracks are indoors. Tickets start at just $7. For more information, check out the website: www.ssspeedways.com.

8. ESU Recreation Center
If you’re looking to stay on campus, why not checkout the resources the school offers. The Recreation Center holds Late Nights and hosts various fun classes, ranging from the popular Zumba to regular yoga. Not into that? Why not try a new sport? The Rec offers a variety of sports to try including racquetball, volleyball, tennis, wallyball, and basketball. You could even form your own team and sign up for one of the various tournaments. This is a great way to de-stress, stay in shape, and try something new.  Visit the Recreation Center here: http://bit.ly/ge5bgA.

9. Camelback Mountain Zip Line
Check your pulse before you take this ride, but don’t get too used to the beat. Once you get off Camelback Mountains zip line, your heart will be racing faster than you traveled down the mountain. Experience the thrill, forget about life on the ground, and live in the moment where nothing matters but the connection between you and the sky. Swing through and over trees, but don’t expect to find Jane of the jungle waiting at the bottom! Camelback’s zip lines start at $29.  Check them out: www.cbkmountainadventures.com.

10. Bushkill Falls
Known as “The Niagara of Pennsylvania,” Bushkill Falls offers eight raging waterfalls to explore with various trails to hike.  Even better, Bushkill Falls offers a “183, get in free” policy: If the zip code on your driver’s license begins with 183, you get in free. This only applies to the license carrier; otherwise it will cost you $11 to get in as an adult. “We get people from all over,” says Ticket Sales Associate, Kelly Ruschke. “I think this is an attraction close to home that more people should take advantage of. You can’t put a price on this piece of nature’s beauty.”  Plan an activity here: www.visitbushkillfalls.com.

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