ESU Club Fair a Success

Students walk from table to table at ESU Club Fair. Photo Credit / Dana Reese

by Dana Reese

SC Editor in Chief

Student Senate hosted Club Fair in the space between the Union and Stroud Hall Tuesday.  Dozens of clubs showed up, from chemistry and marine biology to economics and game society.  Among the crowds, new and veteran students stopped and talked about what to do on campus.

“It is a fun way to get involved in activities, and it let’s students know what clubs are available to them,” said Christina Custred while working at the Psychology Association spot.

Students set up tables to promote clubs, eager to get members.  They offered free t-shirts, candy, and information.

Dianna Morgan, President of the Sociology Social Work and Criminal Justice Club, was happy with the day and the sunny weather.

“There are a lot of organizations that weren’t here previous years,” said Morgan.

Not all students were just walking and grabbing free things.

“We got a lot of sign ups,” said Luisa Londono from the Chemistry Club.  Other clubs agreed that the turnout was good and the students were signing up to get involved.

Jordan Frazier was one of the students walking from table to table.  Carrying a handful of flyers, he reflected on the fair.  He was impressed and drawn by the posters and the “passionate students.”

From Greek life to Circle K, everyone was looking to grab some new members.  While Game Society set up a table and video games, other tables offered candy and giveaways to entice students.

In the end, clubs let their messages spread, even if it’s in the  tiny space between the campus buildings.  Most clubs reacted positively, hinting at a good day.  The students looking for activities were also satisfied.

“I thought it was successful,” Frazier said.


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