Le Persil Bistro: Quaint, Cultured, Refined

SC Copy Editor

Main Street Stroudsburg’s Le Persil Bistro occupies a small hole in the wall directly across from the Sherman Theater. As a BYOB (bring your own bottle) establishment—with a slightly pricier menu than surrounding locations—the restaurant doesn’t draw much of a college crowd, but it still offers those whom appreciate a more refined, sedate scene a nice slice of culinary tranquility and culture.

Their menu includes typical French dishes, like Coquilles Saint-Jacques au beurre blanc, chicken cordon blue, steak frites with béarnaise sauce, lobster ravioli, coq au vin and crème brûlée. And their wait staff usually provides excellent service, which probably reflects the crowd the establishment draws.

As for the restaurant’s atmosphere, old oak floorboards welcome any pair of shoes while yellow walls and classy music envelope patrons in a warm, charming setting. The clank of wine glasses can be heard every night of the week.

Consider visiting this understated bistro sometime this semester; the food is excellent, the service is great and the patrons are of a classier nature than most surrounding bars and restaurants.

The expense might be steeper than usual, but if you can afford it, do yourself the favor of going.

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