Operating Changes in Koehler Fieldhouse

SC Sports Editor

For any students not yet made aware, there have been some operating changes in Koehler Fieldhouse.

While the changes aren’t too extensive, students and faculty should take note.

According to Emily Stolkowski, Assistant to the Athletic Director, all ESU students must show their e-card to enter Koehler.

Likewise, all ESU Faculty and Staff that do not work in Koehler must also show their e-card upon entering. However, faculty and staff that utilize Koehler will not have to show their e-card. The front desk will have a photo book with their head shot for identification purposes.

All visitors will be required to sign in and leave a form of identification at the front desk. Upon exiting Koehler, visitors must sign out and pick up their identification.

Students or faculty with questions can contact the front desk of Koehler.

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