“Resident Evil 6” Release


Welcome to the fall semester, when some video game company decides to release a huge title that kills midterm grades and slays concentration. This year, that title goes to many, but mostly to Resident Evil 6.

With Capcom offering Archive and Anthology editions of the game from PS3 and Xbox 360, players have quickly flocked to Gamestop and like franchises to reserve the title. As well, the company is trying different ways to spark interest early for the October 2 release date, including the chance to buy a ticket to a Resident Evil themed night at Six Flags on October 6.

But Xbox 360 players might feel mistreated when comparing the $89.99 Archives edition to the Anthology set that PS3 players get. Archives comes with numbered games 4, 5 (Gold Edition), and, of course, 6, as well as Code Veronica X HD and Degeneration. At first, that seems like an easy deal for the 90 dollars. That is, until the Xbox aficionados catch a glimpse of what’s lined of up for the PS3 Anthology.

The PS3 pack also comes with numbered games 2 and 3, as well as Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, but it lacks Code Veronica and Degeneration. But is the difference really equal? Forums and comment sections have been firing up with angry gamers, though, most angry at the disparity between deals have also admitted to their plans to still purchase the Xbox pack.

And who wouldn’t pay an extra 20 dollars or so for at least three other games?

Anyone who wants the discs, or already has the titles might be disappointed at the deal.

It is a pretty good deal. The only catch is that the extra games besides RE6 come as single use downloads, meaning one system, one game. If you planned to share with friends, then this isn’t the combo pack for you. But if you just love some T-virus, Las Plagos, or the President’s Daughter screaming for help every fight, then this is pretty cost-efficient pack of games.

Although, in despite the unequal distribution between systems, most players who have followed the franchise should be happy to see another Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield led Resident Evil.

Based in the United States and China, this game deals with bioterrorism about a decade after the Raccoon City incident. The name of the enemy this time is the C-Virus.

According to IGN, “The game will be produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who previously produced Resident Evil 4.” This is good news for everyone dispirited by the layout of RE 5. According to IGN, “this game is being styled after both Resident Evil 4 and 5, attempting to find a middle ground between horror and action.”

The plot seems to start split, and it is rumored that they will overlap at some point in the game. The important news is both Male leads are playable characters. While the logo has been leaked to the internet and the release date has stayed the same, the slogan “No Hope Left” has also begun to circulate the internet.

As well, based on the information Game Informer has been pulling out of the trailers and rumors, this game could mean the return of a Neo-Umbrella, a large creature called the Ustanak, and the return of Ada. It should be a nice tie to most of the classic games in the series, and well worth it’s singular $59.99 price tag.

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