The Front Bottoms: A Small Band with Big Voices

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The Front Bottoms, an up-and-coming two-piece band from Northern New Jersey, recently set off on a plane for their UK Tour with The Menzingers. The band, whose members include childhood friends Brian Sella and Matt Uychich, began three years ago as Sella’s freshman year of college was coming to a close.

In an interview with Alter The Press, Sella stated, “I’d been playing with a couple of different bands, and just jamming for fun. Matt was always my favorite person to jam with and was the best drummer I knew. I wanted to make it a bit more official, so I thought of a name and said, ‘I’m going to start a band called The Front Bottoms,’ and then I called Matt and asked if he wanted to play drums, and he said definitely.” The band’s catchy, unique name originated from a movie called “Sexy Beast.”

The Front Bottoms signed with Bar/None Records on June 2, 2011. Their self-titled album, released on September 6, 2011, contains songs such as “Maps” and “Swimming Pool,” which have won over the immense affection of indie/pop lovers. Their other albums, I Hate My Friends and My Grandma VS Pneumonia were self-released and recorded in the basements of various friends.

The unique sound of The Front Bottoms has been classified using the words “rock,” “dance,” and “punk” alongside an indie-pop theme. Throughout their music, Sella and Uychich take simple instruments and mix them with poetic lyrics to create a beautifully constructed piece of art.

Sella sings acclamations of post-adolescence to paint an intricate portrait of his reality. From awkward obsessions with girls to mild drug use, each track is as quirky and relatable as the next. Essentially, Sella’s songs describe the uncustomary life events that wouldn’t normally be discussed on a daily basis, capturing the life of a boy growing up, tripping on acid and falling in and out of love. Matt Uychich’s energetic and powerful drumming mixed with Sella’s soft, acoustic guitar sets the tone for each catchy, cathartic song.

With the simple but brilliant lyrics, it is almost impossible not to feel what Sella was feeling when he wrote them. These mixed with the instrumentals and Sella’s piercingly unique vocals creates a sound that is both endearing and addicting.
The Front Bottoms’ self-titled album sets the bar substantially high for whatever they do next, but it isn’t hard to believe that they will succeed.

The Front Bottoms are scheduled to return to the United States on October 12 to continue their fall tour, and if you are generally a fan of pop punk, indie or folk, you are bound to love something that The Front Bottoms release.

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