Dexter Season 7 Premiere

By Dana Reese

Guess what’s back. If you said Furbies, that’s a matter for another surprisingly scarier article. On a less fluffy note, Dexter season seven kicked off on Sunday, September 30 on Showtime.

Even if the sixth season came out a bit melodramatic, the cliffhanger at the end drew enough excitement out of viewers to make them eagerly wait for Sunday and the premiere of season seven. Reprising their roles are most of the main characters, including Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, after their public divorce and Hall’s fight with cancer over the course of the past few seasons of the show.

Most fans are eager to see how Deb reacts to her discovery, and were greeted with teasers and trailers that let viewers see little hints of what was to come before the season began. As this strange dance between family and romance unwinds, it is that clear season seven may follow some of the patterns of six that were not great. For example, will the season become a focus on Deb and Dexter’s feelings, sneaking further out of his dark side?

The teasers say otherwise, which is comforting. Not only does it appear Deb knows, but the department and Dexter’s closest friends are moving in on Dexter as they investigate the ashes of the Travis Marshall crime scene.

This season is working off of the phrase, “He saw. She saw. It’s all on the table.” While the phrase is fitting and pretty much the entire beginning of the season in a suitable wrapping of tight plastic, it also highlights the problem with the last season. While the last episode won many viewers over, the entire season did a lot to kill character development in characters who are not Deb or Dexter, and the killers themselves were less exciting and too predictable.

The clever crime drama of the first five seasons seemed to have been traded in for the Deb and Dexter show.

With the start of Season seven, many viewers are hoping to relive the Dexter of the past, while waiting to see how Deb’s discovery unfolds. It should be a good season, but in a different way than most Dexter fans are used to seeing.

Not to spoil anything, but if you didn’t watch the first episode, here is a quick and dirty summary: A character is killed off, Deb and Dexter awkwardly stare at each other anytime they are around one another, a stripper ends up dead in a trunk and child Deb doesn’t get to keep the puppy.

Even with all the strange and uncomfortable moments, the episode is worth any loyal Dexter fan’s 55 minutes. If you don’t have the money for Showtime, the first episode of the season is online at the Showtime website for free with some light editing: large gray boxes over promiscuously naked female strippers.

Since 2006, the series has drawn millions of viewers, including 2.72 million for the season six finale. IMDB rated the series number nine on their list of the top ten highest rated television programs of the past ten years.

The new season of Dexter started Sunday September 30 at 9 PM on Showtime and continues weekly through the fall season.

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