Nastasia Scott Talks About Nudity, Zombies and Fights

Scott’s photo from the zombie photo shoot on Americas Next Top Model - Cycle 19 Photo Courtesy / Nastasia Scott

Scott’s photo from the zombie photo shoot on Americas Next Top Model – Cycle 19
Photo Courtesy / Nastasia Scott

BY Colleen Rupp
SC Forum Editor

Since I last interviewed Scott a lot has happened on the show. Three weeks have gone by in the competition, and three girls have been sent back home. NShe is still on the America’s Next Top Model and has had a lot of fun experiences so far. I got to ask more about those experiences for this week’s issue about her nude shoot, relationships in the house, and about her experience overall.

Stroud Courier: One of the challenges since last issue was a nude shoot. How was that?

Scott: First of all, I would like to specify that we were not naked! It was cool though. I knew we would work with Rob at some point, who was the male model and one of our judges. I knew we would be doing a nude shoot at some point, so I was prepared. When I heard it wasn’t actually naked I was excited and ready to go, I felt it was more art than anything else.

SC: I loved your comment on the show when you said your boyfriend was going to kill you. How did it go over when you guys talked about the shoot?

Scott: When he first saw the picture he told me his heart dropped into his stomach because he thought I was actually naked on TV and in a photo with some guy. When the episode came out, his dad actually told him, ‘your girl is naked on TV.’ But when he found out we weren’t actually naked he just kind of shrugged it away and avoided it.

SC: Your first try at the photo shoot you jumped and you hit Rob where it hurts. How uncomfortable was that!? What happened?

Scott: Oh my gosh, that was so embarrassing. I wasn’t really aware that he was even there; I was just trying to get a good picture. I felt bad when I saw the picture on Facebook afterwards and saw how his face looked.

SC: I thought it was great when the drama with Kristen and Destiny is going on and you just laugh. How did that go over with the other girls?

Scott: I just didn’t understand why Destiny was letting Kristen talk to her like she was her mom. It was just making me laugh because she allowed her to talk like that.

SC: What do you think of Kristen? In the show she comes off as very superficial and snobby. Is that what she is really like?

Scott: I love Kristen; she says what she wants to say at any point in time and that’s the most real thing about her. People don’t understand people who say what’s on their mind at all times, but that’s the endearing part about her to me because it really doesn’t bother me.

SC: How did you like getting dressed up like a zombie for a photo shoot? How long did it take to do all that makeup?

Scott: Oh my gosh, the makeup took forever! That dress was twenty pounds, so it weighed me down and it was really hard to move in it. It was beautiful, but it made the shoot difficult.

SC: The judges continued to tell you in panel that you “photograph short.” Do you think that hurt you at all in the competition and did you learn how to work on it?

Scott: Eventually I learned how to counteract the fact that I was one of the shorter ones, and I learned from it. I learned a lot from their critiques.

SC: What was it like to meet Alicia Keys and how was the fundraiser you got to walk in?

Scott: Oh my gosh, she is so cute. She is like one of my favorite people ever. She is so sweet and very genuine. She will really talk to you off camera.

SC: For the cheerleading shoot, you had to be thrown in the air. How did you ever take a photograph while being up so high?

Scott: Well I am really afraid of heights, like really afraid. They didn’t really show how much I was freaking out, and I didn’t realize how high it was until I actually got up there. They made me do some type of toss where I was so high up in the air that it made me want to cry. But I just had to focus on my face and get the shot.

SC: How did it feel to have top photo this last week? And congratulations about it!

Scott: Oh I was so excited, yeah! I didn’t expect to get best photo for that shoot because I was so nervous. So I was really excited that they saw some good in the photo.

SC: So since you won best photo, you got to stay in the Tyra suite. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Scott: When you go to the Tyra suite, you can stay there for a week and it’s like your own private suite. You have access to all the Smashbox makeup, Nine West shoes and all the clothes. We actually got to keep everything as well so that was all really cool!

SC: How are liking the episodes so far?

Scott: I feel like they are representing who I really am, and I am glad they are not trying to make things to dramatic.

SC: Do you have anything else to add?

Scott: I hope everyone continues to watch and thanks to everybody on campus who has been so supportive of me. I love all my ESUers!

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