Student Profile: Ricky Mason

SC Staff Writer

Ricky Mason, a junior here at East Stroudsburg, wanted to continue to participate in one of his favorite sports throughout his time at college. Ricky played volleyball when he was in high school and loved everything about it.

Coming to college, he noticed that the university only offered a volleyball team for women, not for men. He and a couple of his friends got together and decided that something needed to be done.

The first person they looked to for guidance was the director of sports, who steered them in the right direction. With the support from the team’s advisor, Esther Daganzo-Cantens, they were on their way to becoming just like a real team.

To get others involved, Ricky asked his friends if they would be interested in playing for the team and they accepted his offer. Word got around and before he knew it he had hard-working, dedicated teammates who loved the sport just as much as he did.

The team usually starts practicing in the spring. The practices are held in the Mattioli Recreation Center on campus and are about two hours long. The team tries to meet at least three times a week. The Men’s Club Volleyball team has roughly around ten games per season against different schools.

When asked what he likes about the sport Ricky replied, “I’ve been playing this sport all my life; it is something that I love to do and am very passionate about.” When talking about what he dislikes Ricky stated, “I do not like when we have to run when we lose.”

For those who do not know how to play, the rules are simple. Each team has six players and the ball can only be touched three times per side. If a person hits the ball two times in a row, it is automatically the other team’s point. Teams usually follow the “Bump-set-spike” method. The person in the back row “bumps” it to the front row where it reaches the setter. The setter then “sets” the ball to another player who then “spikes” the ball down to the other side. The game continues until one team reaches 25 points.

Majoring in health and physical education, it is no wonder why Ricky enjoys being active and participating in sports. The Men’s Club Volleyball team is a great way to get involved, to meet new people, and of course to have fun!

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