Thumbs up for Trackside Station Grill & Bar

BY Bridgid Coyne
SC Staff Writer

While ESU Alumni flood the streets of East Stroudsburg to celebrate the 2012 Homecoming, Trackside Station Grill & Bar on Crystal Street will open new doors to old friends. Trackside has been a new restaurant in town for only nine months now but has made a huge impact on those in the surrounding community.

From the moment they walk in to the second they leave, customers are treated with the utmost kindness by the owner, Michael Tepedino, and his staff. Their hospitality is second to none. With eighteen thirst-quenching brands of beer on tap, 16 HD televisions throughout the spacious restaurant and some of the most mouthwatering dishes in town, any customer is assured a great palatable experience.

At the young age of 27, Tepedino has fulfilled a lifelong dream to own not only one but two outstanding restaurants. He has been overwhelmed with support from the local community and loves to give back whenever he can. Recently, he decided to begin weekly drink and food specials. These specials range from 35 cent wings on Wednesdays to 10 dollar pitchers of Sangria on Thursday nights, allotting a variety for the many crowds that occupy East Stroudsburg.

“Living locally, ESU has always been a part of my life. I know what students want, and I try to give them that. Being so close to campus, Trackside gives students a safe, enjoyable place to gather and have a few drinks and food with friends without completely breaking their budget,” says Tepedino.

He knows, as well as the rest of the community, that on October 6, the town is going to be painted black and red for all of the Homecoming festivities. As the bars and restaurants on Main Street in Stroudsburg begin to advertise various drink specials, Tepedino and his staff halt advertising and specials, knowing that their menu and customer service speaks for itself.

“We’ve never really advertised ourselves as a ‘college bar.’ We try to avoid the title that makes you sound like you are walking into an over-crowded, too-loud, fight-prone atmosphere. That’s what we are hoping alumni will realize about us: You can still have ‘college’ fun, but in a more mature setting,” explained Tepedino.

As Saturday draws near, the Staff at Trackside remains calm and collected. Their hospitality will remain as quality as it always has been. For Alumni visiting their old college town, looking for a place to enjoy the company of old friends and fond memories, Trackside Station Grill & Bar is an outstanding destination choice. Located at 50 Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg, Trackside is available for questions, reservations and information.

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