East Stroudsburg University Student Senate

Senate Representative

Last semester, Student Senate initiated a new program that benefits the students of East Stroudsburg University (ESU). The program, Student Safe Ride, is contracted through WGM and allows students of legal drinking age the option to be safely shuttled from establishments located on Main Street to campus by taxi. Although many students already use this program, there are still those unaware of the service or unsure of how it works.

The Student Safe Ride is only available to East Stroudsburg University Students who are of legal drinking age and have the necessary identification as proof. If a student wants to become a part of this program, he or she must visit the Student Senate office with both a form of legal identification and an E-card.

An officer then registers the student into the system and puts a sticker on the back of his or her e-card. With this sticker, a student’s cab fare back to campus is paid for, including the driver’s tip.

If two students take a cab and one has the sticker and another does not, the fare is then equally divided and the fare for the student with the sticker is still covered. The program runs from Thursday through Saturday from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m., and the only pick up locations are from businesses on Main Street. The only drop-off location is on campus.

The Student Safe Ride is a program that benefits the student body and the community. It promotes safe drinking practices and helps students avoid the act of drunk driving. It is the wish of Student Senate that this program stays an option for the students at East Stroudsburg University. The only issue is the funding.

Student Safe Ride is paid for by the Senate itself. Each semester, money is allocated for the use of this program and each fare a student accumulates takes from that account. Once the account is drained, this program cannot be used any more for the semester. So it is necessary for the students whom use this program regularly to use it in a conservative manner.

If you are getting a cab back to campus and have this sticker, Student Senate asks that you share the cab with other students. The more rides that are shared the longer this program can be offered. Senate wants this program to last as long as possible in order to keep students safe. So be mindful and share cab rides with your fellow students.

The number for WGM is (570) 223-9289.

In the upcoming weeks, Senate will be hosting numerous events. On October 17th, Senate hosted Weiner day ,where free hotdogs and shirts were given out. All students were invited to come out and enjoy the event with the free food and games provided. It began at 11 am in front of the Union.

The second event is the first annual waffle ball tournament on October 27. It will be held on the Linden Quad at 10 am and the cost per team is twenty dollars. For more information, or for registration, come to the Senate Office in Room 219 on the second floor of the Union. Registration must be completed by October 19.

Come out and participate or support the teams involved, and show your ESU spirit.

Finally, Thursday, October 18 at 6:30 p.m., the Senate will be participating in a Campus Safe Walk, To survey the campus grounds and see which areas need extra police patrol, as well as to identify any other safety issues to students.

Senate is out to make this school better than ever and the first step is by making sure anyone can walk the grounds at any time and feel completely safe.

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