FUN. to Perform at East Stroudsburg University

By Jamie Reese
SC staff writer

Their most well-known songs, “We Are Young” and “Some Nights,” as well as the band itself, have been nominated for several awards at the MTV EMA Awards: Best Song, Best New and Best Push. “We Are Young” was also nominated as best track at the 2012 Q Magazine Awards.

The up-and-coming band has also appeared on various notable television shows, such as The Colbert Report.

Organizing the FUN. concert here, at ESU, was about a six-month process.

“I sent out surveys to students during the spring semester,” says Kayshia Kruger, President of the Campus Activities Board (CAB). “Over the summer, we looked at the asking price of many bands. We then narrowed down a band based on price and what the students wanted. A lot of the bands that the students wanted were out of our budget.”

Kruger explained the various costs that go into the entire process. The contract with the band alone was an expense. Production, sound, floor covering, staging and various other expenses further increased the cost.

One of the reasons FUN. will be available to play ESU is the band’s touring theme, which is campus consciousness. They are a band affiliated with the Campus Consciousness Tour.

Between October 31 and November 18, FUN. will be playing at various universities across the United States, advocating LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Questioning) equality. The band members, despite their being heterosexual, are allies to the cause.

“On the opposite side of the stage, there will be tents and tables set up, almost like a little village,” said Kruger. At these tables, several organizations, businesses and the like will be set up.

During this tour, the band is teaming up with Ben & Jerry’s and Reverb. Concert goers will be given free ice cream samples, courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s, and will also be educated on environmental issues, courtesy of Britta Water.

“Because CAB’s main income at these concerts is water sales, we are selling reusable bottles for two dollars. Students will then be able to fill up their bottles at various Britta stations,” says Kruger. This is an extension of the campus consciousness theme.

Students should also look forward to prize-winning opportunities, including apparel giveaways and meet-and-greets with the band.

Students interested in getting involved in the concert for next year and possibly this year, or who want to simply become more involved on campus, should visit the CAB office on the second floor of the University Center.

“Not all roles in CAB are committee,” said Kruger.

CAB is organized in a hierarchical fashion, with all orders falling from Kruger, to the individual committee members and finally down to those members within each committee.

“We try to bring in committee members based on major, allowing them to gain real world experience and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom,” said Kruger.

Lissette, a Junior at ESU, and a member of CAB primarily associated with concert committee, said, “I have a dual major in sociology and social work which entails having to work with many different kinds of people and their personalities…Being on the concert committee has helped me relate to my major because it helps me to prepare to work with different kinds of people and to deal with groups.”

Avery Gardner, Head of Marketing for CAB, said, “Since joining Concert Committee, I have been able to take what I have learned as a marketing and communication studies student and apply it in the real world.”

Jen Moser, Vice President of CAB, and David Dalrymple, Head of Security, have similar accounts.

Joining CAB, however, does not require any specific skills.

“I actually started off on working water bottles,” said Dalrymple.

CAB does everything for the concert on campus, from promoting the band to handling parking. Without them, there would be no FUN. concert. So if you are interested in becoming a member, do not hesitate to join, and enjoy the concert on its new date, November 8.

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