Men’s Basketball Outplays Desales in Second Scrimmage

by Allen Yates
SC Staff Writer

The ESU men’s basketball team went back to work Thursday, November 1, playing in their second official scrimmage against Desales University. The Warriors played a total of six segments ranging from either 10 or 20 minutes.

Gerald Bridges (Senior), Terrance King (Senior), Duane Johnson (Senior), Whis Grant (Sophomore) and Matt Tobin (Sophomore) started the first 10 minute segment against Desales.

The starting unit looked a little tight in the first segments, struggling sometimes to get into their sets. As the minutes ticked away, the first unit started to gel.

Coach Wilson then went to the bench to start his rotations. Coach Wilson rotated Blair Ramsey (Senior), Lamont Tillery (Sophmore), Dan Clapp (Junior), Zachariah Runkle (Junior) and Muhamadou Kaba (Sophmore) all saw time as the first segment wore on.

As the clock neared three minutes he put his starters back in and they finished the segment with a 17-11 point advantage.

Desales came out in the second ten-minute segment much more physical.

Coach Wilson started freshman Dajon Toddman, along with Duane Johnson, Blair Ramsey and Whis Grant. This physical play seemed to catch the Warriors off guard. The first segment seemed to be less physical, but they dropped this segment by two points, 11-9. They then played the only twenty-minute segment, which is what they play in regular games.

The original starters began the third segment. It was clear they were ready and focused to play this time.

The starters matched Desales’ physicality. Using their speed and athleticism, they wreaked havoc on the ball handlers from Desales, causing many turnovers.

A bright spot for the Warriors during this segment came from “the Beard,” Zachariah Runkle. His grit and tough play sparked a small run around the 10 minute mark. Runkle came off the bench focused and contributed nicely while he was on the court. The Warriors won that segment 31-15.

The Warriors went on to win the final three segments 21-11, 17-13 and 17-16.

The Warriors start the regular season November 10 against Alderson-Broaddus University in Shepard, West Virginia. However, they don’t play their first home game until November 26 in Kohler Fieldhouse.

The Warriors’ home debut is against Penn State University Lehigh Valley, starting their quest for a second straight PSAC championship.

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