A Nightmare on Main Street

By Nicole Conte
SC Staff Writer

When walking into a bar on a Saturday night, you wouldn’t expect to see an older gentleman dressed up as a chick magnet—But Halloween isn’t just for kids.

Students and locals were out celebrating this frightful holiday the weekend of Oct. 26 at the bars on Main Street in Stroudsburg. These bars included Marita’s, Siamsa’s and Jock and Jill’s. Each bar had its own contest for best costume and included prizes for the winners and runners up.

Almost everyone in the bar had a costume on. This included the bartenders and other employees of the bars. It goes to show you that Halloween isn’t just a holiday for kids to go and get dressed up.
Celebrating Halloween as an adult is different than celebrating it as a child; people are able to go more in depth with creating their costumes. They’re able to get their creative juices flowing and think of some really crazy costume ideas. (These ideas ranged from a shower to a Youtube video this year on Main Street.)

“I personally love dressing up for Halloween. There shouldn’t be an age limit on dressing up. I’ll be 90 years old and still be in a costume,” stated Senior Kristyn Paltjon.

It’s not just about going door to door to receive candy in a costume for adults. They want to try and impress people with what they’ve come up with as a costume idea for this year.

Dressing up for Halloween is what the current generation of people in their early twenties grew up with. It’s been a favorite holiday for many and there’s no point in not continuing to celebrate it.

Halloween is the one day where you can wear whatever you want and not be judged for it.

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