MTV Attempts to Restore the Shore

BY Ashley Mertel
SC Staff Writer

Seaside, NJ – MTV aired a special show, Restore the Shore, Thursday, November 15, in an attempt to pull in donations to help benefit those devastated by Hurricane Sandy’s lasting damages.

The special show opened with the cast of Jersey Shore, with the exception of Mike “The Situation.”

The crew spoke about how shocked and sad they were about the effects Sandy left on their beloved town.

Throughout the special camera crews followed the emotional cast of Deena, Snookie, Jwow, Ronnie, Sammi and Vinny as they each went back and visited the shore.
MTV did a good job at showing the damage many residents and business owners now face at Seaside.

There were interviews with residents, some who gave their thoughts on the destruction of the boardwalk, while others showed the effects of their damaged homes.
The videos and images of the now destructed Seaside were complimented with old video of the Jersey Shore cast while living at a lively Seaside.

Danny Merek, owner of The Shore Store where the Jersey Shore cast worked, let the camera crew into his shop to show the ruined merchandise, broken shelves, and missing roof. Mayor Bill Ackers also went on camera to explain how disheveled he is over the destruction to his town.

Along with MTV showing video coverage of the town, they also brought in A-list stars to plead with viewers to donate to the cause.

Pink talked about her background with the town, while The Voice judges, the cast of Twilight, One Direction, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars and more asked viewers to donate to “restore the shore.”

Members of the Jersey Shore cast, Teen Mom, and Teen Wolf worked the phones during the program, where they talked to people who have donated as well as some who have been affected by Sandy.

In addition to the cast working the phones, Phillip Phillips performed an acoustic version to his new single, “Home,” while Gym Class Heroes performed their single, “Fighter.”

Both songs held underlying meaning, which contained inspiration as well as hope.

During the whole program viewers were able to text SHORE to 85944 to make a $10 donation.

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