MtvU: A Disappointing Waste of Time

By Danielle Ertle
SC Staff Writer

The world has become a fast-paced and nonstop environment to live in, and television used to be a luxury but now it’s just a part of everyday life—that when the power goes out, everyone goes crazy without it! You’d think, at ESU, that students would want to watch a big screen TV while they ate their meals, but that doesn’t seem to be the case these days.

At ESU, the Student Union has two widescreen TVs displaying MtvU—a network for music videos and related things—but this seems to be more of a distraction to those who are trying to eat their meal and study, or it’s completely ignored by those who just don’t seem to care if the TV is there or not. With this in mind, take a close look around and you won’t find more than three students turning their heads towards the TV screen, but only a few glances are seen here and there, since everyone is more involved with what is being put into their mouths and who they are talking to. The MtvU channel isn’t even that entertaining! The music videos and advertisements are of no interest to anyone sitting in the Student Union, and the noise from everyone talking makes it impossible to hear!

Old announcements, like having Gift Card Bingo on August 31 at 9 PM in Dansbury Commons, are extremely annoying when it’s now November and the ad is shown many times throughout the day.

Then commercials like the new season of Teen Mom 2 and other Mtv shows coming out this fall don’t grab the attention of ESU students. Unfortunately, when MtvU decides to give helpful advice on how to manage time in college, events that are coming up on campus and when local news like the presidential elections and debates are discussed, no one pays attention. Even important local news from the news stations about Hurricane Sandy or Against Our Will campaign commercial about girls who are living in modern-day slavery, also known as human trafficking, go unnoticed by the student body.

With the unbearable noise of half the student body drowning out the MtvU channel and barely anyone watching what is on at the time, having the TVs in there seems to be a waste of time—and no peace and quiet will ever be found in the Student Union.

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