Representative Rosemary Brown Visits the ESU College Republicans

Rosemary Brown (Center), State Representative for PA 189th District Photo Credit / ESU College Republicans
Rosemary Brown (Center), State Representative for PA 189th District      Photo Credit / ESU College Republicans

By Ryan Stevens
SC Staff Writer

Every election cycle, candidates decide to hone in their messages to certain demographics. The youth demographic, particularly on college campuses, tends to be voting more Democrat in recent years. This semester, however, has seen the rise of a College Republican club on campus at ESU.

State Representative Rosemary Brown visited the ESU College Republicans at their weekly meeting on October 25 and touched on quite a few key issues. Representative Brown noted the importance of jobs and the economy and spoke about students being able to look forward to the future: having a stable job, the ability to open a business and being able to support a family.

Without a doubt, our country is facing an issue of polarization where the division between the Left and Right has never been greater. Representative Brown, when asked about this issue, stated it is hard to get some things done because of increased polarization. Adding to this concern, junior ESU student, Alek Liskov, indicated that, “government is for the people, not the parties.” Brown echoed this when stating that she votes for her district, which is largely Democratic, rather than down party lines.

Representative Brown also noted how the Republican Party has a notion of being “old,” and that “there’s nothing better than a young Republican.” In calling for creating educated, prepared and responsible students, she stressed the importance for the youth to get out and vote. The issues our country faces now will impact future generations and this is why students need to actively participate, regardless of which side of the political spectrum they are on.

Since its formation, the ESU College Republicans have organized voter registration on campus and have helped coordinate with the Monroe County Republican Committee to help in various grassroots movements, including volunteering at the local Victory Center to make phone calls. This is important because of the lack of youth enthusiasm when it comes to politics. More students need to become more active politically and the College Republicans here on campus offer that opportunity. The East Stroudsburg University College Republicans meet weekly, every Thursday at 2:00 PM in Stroud Hall, room 410.

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