The Undiscovered Gem

By Stephanie Cabald
SC Staff Writer

No one seems to pay attention, but the aliens are among us. As stated by Michael Laffey, coordinator of the office of International Programs, East Stroudsburg University “has had students from around the world for a long time.”

An increase of foreign students have been noticed this past couple years. Eighty international undergraduates are attending ESU this fall semester. The campus’ size and location —within driving distance from New York, Philadelphia or Boston— make it a great place for overseas students to adjust to their new environment.

Every other Tuesday, international and exchange students meet in room 205 at the Union. Despite their high participation in warriors’ extracurricular activities, the foreign students realize the lack of American students’ interest in their club, The International Student Organization (ISO).

“Basically ISO is the undiscovered gem at ESU,” said Amy, a junior from Kenya. According to Amy, Americans and international students should spend a lot more time together; “it helps Americans to be exposed to different cultures around the world and build global connections,” added Amy.

Rehama, also from Kenya, added that “it is very important for us American and foreign students to spend time together, because that is the only way we will learn more about each other.”

This year ISO is ready to make some change and be more present on campus events. “One of the goals of the ISO is to do a better job engaging our American students. We will do this promotion around campus” said Laffey.

November 16, the International Students Organization will host a free Thanksgiving dinner, open to all, at Lower Dansbury.

For further information about the club and its students, contact Michael Laffey at or call 570-422-3527.

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