ESU Ranks Top in Barstool Blackout

By Ashley Mertel

Barstool Blackout released power rankings for fall 2012 on Monday, December 3, and East Stroudsburg University ranked at the top of the list.

Barstool Blackout, a group that tours schools on the east coast and brings loud electronic music, glow sticks, and foam, was originally only set to come to ESU once during the fall semester. The first date they came to ESU this semester was September 15. Tickets for that show sold out within 48 hours of going on sale.

Because of the success of the first show, Barstool Blackout added another tour date that took place on October 12. Tickets for that show sold out as well.

Every semester, Barstool Blackout releases power rankings of all the schools they  previously toured to let the students know which college expressed the most enthusiasm.

In 2011, East Stroudsburg ranked number seven on their list. Barstool Blackout released a statement online saying, “Best show by a school that may or may not actually exist. The Stroudsburg kids just live to party, which is easy considering I imagine their core classes resemble something out of Accepted. Hey, more time to booze and rage, right?”

This year however, ESU beat out schools such as Philly, Pittsburgh, Penn State, University of Miami, and more. Barstool Blackout released a new statement online and said, “Small school, HUGE thirst. Safe to say nobody does it like ESU does. They’re insane. They’re like the freaky girl you used to have sex with only 1000% freakier. Every time they bring it harder and faster and want more. It’s unconscionable. Ain’t no party like an East Stroudsburg party cuz an East Stroudsburg party don’t stop.”

What makes barstool an experience worth going to, senior Ashlee Austin said, “Now is the time to have fun and do crazy things. When Barstool comes to ESU, it’s just one carefree experience that takes off the stress of school. It’s just a ton of fun. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Barstool is coming back to ESU February 15, at the Sherman Theater. Tickets go on sale Thursday December 6th. For tour dates, information, or videos, visit

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