Silver Linings Playbook Review

By Ashley Mertel

Moviegoers looking for comedy, sadness, romance, craziness, and family dysfunction should look no further: Silver Linings Playbook, staring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper has it all.

Cooper plays the role of a troubled man named Pat Solanto, who is at a difficult time in his life. After a deep betrayal by his wife Nikki, Pat was admitted to eight months at a state institution. The movie picks up as he is released, only to be jobless, wifeless and living a grown man’s worst nightmare–living with his parents.

The audience learns about Pat’s belief in silver linings and they go on the journey with him to find his silver lining, which is basically his journey to become fit and get his wife back. Along the way he meets a depressed and troubled widow, Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), and together they make a secret deal to help each other towards their own silver linings.

Through depression, dancing, and football, Pat and Tiffany experience troubling times and help each other out; even when they are unaware of the effects they have on each other. Every emotion Pat and Tiffany express can be felt and is very relatable. As the plot unfolds, the audience is left on the edge of their seats, rooting for Tiffany and Pat to realize the silver lining they both are too blind to see.

Unlike other sappy romance movies or cheesy comedies, Silver Linings Playbook has the perfect balance of witty sayings, believable funny moments, and a romantic love story that is not the focus of the movie. It blends all of these aspects and makes Silver Linings the perfect movie for all adults.

Cooper and Lawrence deliver flawless performances that bring both of their characters vividly to life. They sell the emotions of the characters to the audience with great precision. Supporting stars Jackie Weaver and Robert DeNiro (who play Pat’s parents) add the perfect balance of comedy and believability to the story plot. This movie is highly recommended.

Silver Linings Playbook is in theaters now.

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