Black Friday Spins the Black Circle

BY Daniel Janaro
SC Staff Writer

After you stuffed your stomach with turkey and sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving, what better way to wind down the rest of the night than pouring yourself a glass of wine, plunking down onto a soft chair and dropping a needle onto an old vinyl record.

If not for the turkey, the warm, soothing sound of an old vinyl record is sure to lull you into comatose. If you do manage to muster up the energy and the courage to make your way out to retail stores early the next morning, keep in mind that it’s not only Black Friday, but that it’s also Record Store Day.

For anyone who’s never heard of Record Store Day (RSD) and doesn’t know what it is, RSD is an international celebration of anything and everything vinyl.

It’s a day where fans of music and vintage paraphernalia can congregate at their local record stores and rejoice over their vinyl obsessions. Originally celebrated every third Saturday in April, organizers of RSD added an extra day for vinyl lovers on Black Friday starting in 2010.

What makes RSD so special to music collectors is an extensive list of limited and unissued records, CDs, and singles (all on the vinyl format of course) to help mark this special occasion.

Releases include singles that have never been issued before in any format, more recent albums and singles that were produced after the mass production of vinyl format ceased, and mixes of albums that haven’t been made available in 30-40 years.

Some of these special vinyl releases will also be issued in limited edition colors created especially for RSD. But these releases are extremely limited; some vinyl records being released on Black Friday are limited to 1,500 copies worldwide, with 5,000 copies being the most available for one release.

RSD is a wonderful way to support local business in your town and to help continue the celebration of the art of music. If not interested in purchasing highly collectible vinyl records, RSD offers more for the average music listener. Other promotions include local bands making special in-store appearances and performances, barbecues, body painting, and meet and greets with special artists.

These exclusive records and promotions are available only through your local independent record store, so don’t expect to see them for sale at F.Y.E or through online retailers.

Check with your local record store to see if they participate in RSD to get details on any scheduled performances and special releases since not all releases will be carried at certain stores. Luckily Main Street Jukebox in Stroudsburg caters to hungry vinyl fans here at East Stroudsburg University. Check their Facebook page or call the shop to see if they’ll carry a release you’re interested in on Black Friday.

To get a complete list of special vinyl releases or to get more information about Record Store Day, visit the official website at

Here’s my picks for most interesting releases:

LeonardCohen/Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah 7”: Numbered split 7” of both Cohen’s and Buckley’s renditions of Cohen’s Hallelujah. Limited to 4,000 copies.

Bob Dylan- Duquesne Whistle 7”: Featuring “Duquesne Whistle” which appears on Dylan’s most recent album Tempest. The B-side is a previously unreleased version of “Meet Me in the Morning” from the Blood on the Tracks sessions. Limited to 5,000 copies.

Grateful Dead- Live at Winterland 5/30/71 LP: Recorded live at the band’s favorite hometown venue, this is all that’s available on tape within the band’s vaults. These recordings have never been released in any format and features liner notes from Grateful Dead scholar Blair Jackson. Limited to 7,500 copies.

Love – Forever Changes LP: 45th anniversary release of an album that had an impact in my life. 180 gram vinyl with bonus 7” unreleased single of “Alone Again Or.” Limited to 1,500 copies.

Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack 12”: Representing the 20th anniversary of the film’s release this limited edition collectible features a randomly inserted “Mister-Y” colored vinyl available in blonde, blue, brown, orange, white, and pink.

Joe Strummer – Live at Action Town Hall LP: Benefit concert from 2002 where former Clash member Mick Jones climbed on stage and performed with Strummer for the first time in 20 years. Limited to 1,800 copies.

Velvet Underground – Velvet Underground & Nico – Scepter Studios Acetate 12”: Rare acetate recordings from April 1966 featuring early versions of songs issued on this New York based band’s 1967 debut album.

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