“Lotus” for the Comeback

By Ashley Mertel
SC Staff Writer

Christina Aguliera’s new album, “Lotus,” dropped on November 9th, pleasing her fans after her disappointing last album, “Bionic.”

The five time Grammy winner’s new CD includes thirteen new songs, two of which feature her “The Voice” costars, CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton. The songs range from pop-club songs, to a little bit of rock, and even a little country.

The CD opens with her “Lotus Intro,” where Aguilera sings about her rebirth, using the metaphor of a Lotus flower.

The next track, “Army of Me,” is an inspirational song about rising up and fighting through hard times. Following that there are three pop-like songs, “Red Hot Kinda Love,” “Make the World Move (feat. CeeLo Green), and “Your Body,” that listeners can jam to at a club or a party, or if they feel like dancing.

Other “pump up” songs featured on the album include “Around the World” and “Circles,” which each include a catchy tune and clever metaphors.

In addition to the pop songs, Aguilera includes some well-written ballods. “Sing for Me,” “Blank Page,” “Cease Fire” and “Best of Me,” are uplifting songs that include strong meaning. “Sing for Me,” addresses critics who have berated Aguilera, as well as how she sings for herself, not them.

She relates others struggling in her song, making it easy for listeners to connect to the meaning of the lyrics. “Cease Fire” is about a couple fighting through miscommunication and the struggles couples face.

While she stays true to her form through most of the album, Aguilera included a country style song, “Fool for You” which features fellow “The Voice” cast member Blake Shelton.

This song includes powerful notes, strong meaning and lyrics many people can relate to.

Overall, “Lotus” is a well-crafted album that showcases Aguilera’s vocal range. “Lotus” is energetic and fun and is recommended for anyone who likes pop/rock music, as well as country.

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