Wreck-it Ralph Smashes Its Way to the Top

By Gina Fernandez
SC Staff Writer

This weekend, I decided to go see Wreck-It Ralph. Although it is rated PG, is animated and is categorized as more of a “children’s” movie, I thought the previews looked interesting.

I arrived at the theatre at 2pm, only to be told the showing was sold out. This movie was released on Nov. 2, and it is obviously still very popular – this raised my level of excitement. So, I returned the next day to see the film – same theatre, same time, with a small group of friends in my following.

As the film began, the plot became obvious—Wreck-It Ralph began a special quest. As the story progressed, the plot of the movie came through.

Ralph was still on a special quest, but the end result would be completely different, and would not only benefit Ralph.

I wouldn’t particularly label this film as being primarily for children. Although it is advertised that way, I believe the film is one that people of many ages can enjoy. I would also say there are some particularly emotional moments that most young children do not have the capability of understanding fully.

A particularly interesting aspect of the film is that all of the actors and actresses whose voices are utilized in the film are all entertainers who star in mostly adult-focused,

R-rated films and raunchy, prime-time television shows also directed towards adults. John C. Reilly, who does the voice of Ralph, has acted in films such as Step Brothers, Walk Hard, and Anger Management while Sarah Silverman, the voice of Vanellope, is a comedian who addresses topics such as sexism, religion, and racism.

Overall, I found the film to be interesting and witty. It evoked emotions while still keeping a generally-comical tone. I would suggest to those of any age to go out and see it – the story line is fresh, new, and it isn’t like any other movie you will see this year.

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