Assaults and Protection at ESU

By Tim Gasiewski
SC Staff Writer

Since checking in with parents and abiding by set curfews don’t apply to most students at ESU, we often indulge in the new aspects of life that a college campus offers, which can involve being out late and putting ourselves in situations that might cause unnecessary risk.

Although most young adults undermine what the real world offers, all of us must recognize the importance of self-awareness and proactive steps to ensure the safety of ourselves as well as the people who are around us.

A recent altercation behind Dansbury Commons left one ESU student on the wrong end of a balled fist.

Other off-campus assaults occurred in a house rented by college students, which left an ESU student heinously attacked by multiple individuals.  In addition, some students have reported trying to be “picked up” on the street by people they didn’t know.

“Individuals walking alone is a big problem,” says ESU’s Assistant Chief of Police, Jim Flannery.  “Walk in groups, use the Safe Ride program, or use the taxi service. Always be sure someone knows where you are.”

Precautions can be inexpensive and easily avoided.

One option is to carry hand-held mace, which is relatively cheap.  You can purchase this online.

Another option is to carry your dorm or car keys in between your fingers, which might make the difference in a hand-to-hand confrontation.

Also, be sure to recognize dimly lit areas at night.

ESU also offers self-defense courses that are instructed by some of our own ESU police force.

Being prepared before a situation arises is your best defense.

Many of us like to think these scenarios are one-in-a-million, when, actually, our campus constitutes 7,000 individuals, making it a one-in-seven-thousand ratio—much more acute than one might think.

Be on guard and think before you act.

“It’s okay to make a wrong decision,” says Assistant Chief Flannery. “Just make sure that if you have to tell Dad about it, you’ll be okay with it.”

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