Black Friday: My Favorite Non-Holiday

By Gina Fernandez
SC Staff Writer

Only in America do we go out on a kill-or-be-killed shopping expedition the day after we’ve celebrated how thankful we are. But, no matter how superfluous it all sounds, this day happens to be my favorite non-holiday.

I was raised in a family where you were taught how to use coupons at a young age: If it’s on sale and you like it, don’t pass it up! So, Black Friday is something of a religious holiday for my family—it’s the one day of the year that the shopping gods hear our prayers and we go all-out.

I began my shopping at 10 PM the night of Thanksgiving at the Crossings Premium Outlets. Some stores weren’t open at this time, but I got an awesome parking spot. Then, I went in for the kill. My travels eventually took me to the Stroud Mall, and to the Lehigh Valley Mall.

If you’re a person with a more timid personality, then Black Friday just isn’t for you. This day is for those who become excited by an aggressive shopping experience. It takes patience, speed, agility and an overall take-no-crap-from-anybody attitude. The people are rude and ruthless, and you need to be able to get into the stores you want and get out with everything you need in a short amount of time.

Lots of people think Black Friday is all about going insane inside a store and participating in creating chaos, but those of us who are seasoned Black Friday veterans know the whole experience would be a lot easier if everyone would have a pre-determined shopping plan as opposed to running in and out of stores like a chicken with their heads cut off. This organized chaos would allow everyone a more comfortable, and in many cases, safer shopping experience. Although I do enjoy the chaos, I never participate; I always have a game plan.

Black Friday can be a wonderful retail experience for those of us who love “the deal,” and no matter how crazy it can easily become, it will always be my favorite way to walk off those extra pounds I gain due to the Thanksgiving feast I enjoy mere hours before I go out for the biggest national sale of the year.

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