Baltimore, Blackout, and Beyonce

SC Staff Writer

If there’s three things I’ve learned from Super Bowl XLVII, it’s that John Harbuagh proved to win the brother rivalry, the Superdome doesn’t have “super power” and Beyoncé is still “too bootylicious for ya, babe.”

After her controversial performance at President Obama’s Inauguration in January, Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance not only proved that she can sing, but she can still tear up any stage she sets her knee-high, high-heel boots on. This was Beyoncé’s third live performance after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy, over a year ago. Third time’s the charm? I think so.

Beyoncé stormed across the stage in her black leather and lace bodysuit giving fierce a whole new meaning. She left no room for competition on the catwalk.

It’s safe to say she had both women and men drooling over her killer curves and bodacious bod. If that’s not motivation to get in shape, then I don’t know what is. She looks way too good for being a 31-year-old mother. Props to you, Queen Bey. The only thing hotter than the flames engulfing the stage was her.

The unsaid “it diva” of our generation performed a medly of her greatest songs. The line-up included: “Love on Top,” “Crazy in Love,” “End of Time,” and “Baby Boy.” As the “Bootylicious” instrumental began, the ultimate diva girl group Destiny’s Child was reunited as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were launched on stage taking everyone by surprise.

The trio performed a brief mix of “Independent Woman Part 1” and “Single Ladies.” Then, in the blink of an eye, Kelly and Michelle were gone as quick as they showed up. It only leaves us to wonder if we will be seeing a Destiny’s Child’s comeback in the future.

Beyoncé ended the halftime show with her hit, “Halo.” No, Beyoncé, we cannot see your halo after all that booty shaking you did in your performance. Although, I’m sure there were no complaints.

Shortly after the epic extravaganza, the lights went out in the beginning of the third quarter.  Was Beyoncé the cause? I’d like to say she made the Superdome so hot, it had to “cool down” for a while. After nearly 34 minutes, the lights were back on and so was the game.

Beyoncé certainly left everyone “Crazy in Love” after her performance.

Maybe it motivated the Baltimore Ravens to win the game so they could “put a ring on it.” A Super Bowl ring, that is.

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