President on Twitter

SC Staff Writer

It’s safe to say anyone with a smartphone has joined the bandwagon and craze of the social network Twitter. You may find students walking to class with their heads down and their eyes focused on their phones because they’re sending a tweet or replying to a mention. Today, Twitter has become more than a network for friends: it’s now become a target market for top companies.

In fact, more and more jobs and companies are reaching out to potential employees as well as consumers through tweets.
However here at East Stroudsburg University, Twitter has taken a newer turn. Our own President, Dr. Marcia Welsh has joined the social network to draw closer to the student body.

“She’s in with the new,” says Stacey Gray, a senior in Communications Studies and Spanish answered when asked about the President’s use of twitter. As I floated around to different tables and groups in the Center Court of the Union, many students agreed that President Welsh having a Twitter account is a good thing.

Although many students feel her twitter account is beneficial, some think otherwise. One student I briefly spoke with feels that because President Welsh has a twitter, she now has to censor and be cautious with what she tweets.

However, if you follow her, you would see her tweets are very encouraging and informational for the campus. For instance one of her most recent tweets was about this past weekend’s track meet in Koehler Field house, she says “Here at the ESU Invitational swim meet…and the DeShriver Invitational Track Meet. So many fabulous Warrior athletes!”

In addition, her tweets keep students informed, since many students will check their twitter before they check their school email. Also if any classes are cancelled due to weather or changes on campus, President Welsh can send a tweet that will get retweeted in seconds which will get the word out to many of the student body who have twitter accounts.

“It’s great! She has broken communication barriers between herself and the students,” Efia King, a junior in Communication studies, adds. President Welsh has indeed made her relationship and communication with her students more conversational. The respect is still there, but she has made it much easier and comfortable for her students to ask her questions!

Right now, President Welsh has 742 followers! Let’s get her to 1000! Follow her on twitter today @PresidentWelsh to stay informed on all the campus activities!

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