The University Ridge: Worth the Price?

SC Forum Editor

As a college student looking for a place to live, the University Ridge often seems to be a perfect match.

You are offered a furnished apartment with utilities and a staff to assist you with any inconveniences.  It seems as though you will be living problem free.

The Ridge charges $635 monthly for residents.  Some may see this as a bit overpriced.

The Ridge claims that their amenities are worth every penny.  As college students already paying an arm and a leg for tuition, is the Ridge really worth it?

Take for example waiting for the shuttle to campus.  The bus is never on time and causes many students to be late for class. Come evening, they only keep one bus running. Basically, don’t count on getting to your destination too quickly.

As if being late was not problematic enough, having to wait in the freezing cold makes matters worse.

One of the perks the Ridge offers is being able to bring your car to school and have somewhere to park it free of charge.

That is, however, until this current year.  You are now asked to pay $45 a semester for a parking pass.  The parking pass only allows you to park at The Ridge.

When their staff was questioned about this change, they stated that it was ESU’s policy and they had nothing to do with it.  How can an establishment not owned by ESU be forced to abide by these rules?

For students planning on living at the University Ridge next year, the price went up to $665. With a $30 increase on their already overpriced rent fee, one can’t help but wonder how many residents The Ridge will lose.

Don’t get me wrong, The Ridge is not the worst place to live, but is it really worth every penny?

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