Tri Sigma Gives Back

SC Staff Writer

Tri Sigma member paints the PMC playroom.
Photo Credit / Katie Johnstone

As the fall semester came to a close, the Epsilon Eta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma contributed a magical piece of history to Pocono Medical Center’s (PMC) pediatric playroom.  In June of 2012 chapter members visited the hospital to discuss a possible hospital grant funded by Tri Sigma on a national level. As they discussed, Melissa Smith expressed a need for a playroom make over.

The theme “Magical Forest” was assigned and the chapter members got to work. The chapter incorporated Alice in Wonderland, Care Bears, Winnie the Pooh, Where the Wild Things Are, a midieval castle, Harry Potter, and Dr. Seuss.

On November 15 the women started waving their wands. The sisters sketched and traced their images onto clear transparences and projected them on the wall for accuracy.

In addition to the painted characters, some walls are interactive. The interactive walls have a stream with Velcro fish and frogs, a tree with interactive leaves, and an Alice in Wonderland table holds interactive tea cups.

During the project, PMC staff, nurses, patients, and parents snuck a peak into the magical forest.

When asked, the sisters answered that their favorite part was the children watching as they painted. Rachael Patti, Senior at East Stroudsburg University said, “Having the little children visit and watch us work made me smile and think about how the whole playroom was about something more than myself. It is about helping the kids. That was my favorite part”.

The chapter members of Epsilon Eta Chapter of Tri Sigma are grateful for the opportunity to help the PMC princesses and princes.

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