Lights, Camera, Foam: Barstool

The Barstool Blackout Tour returned to East Stroudsburg University on February 15. The sold-out event, which was previously held at ESU in September 2012 and October 2012, brought with it a night of music, dancing, and, of course, foam.

With ESU being the reigning Barstool Champions, many students were anxious to take part in what many people called the “title defense.”

Many agreed that Friday’s event not only topped the previous Barstool held at ESU last October, but it also was a solid defense of ESU’s title, which nobody was willing to give up to rival Coastal Carolina University.

By 9 PM, many people already filled the floor of the Sherman Theater, and hundreds more were making their way through the doors. Once people were in, they had to stay in, as there was no re-entry into the theater.

After about an hour and a half of dancing, it was time for the event to really begin.

Right around 11 PM the foam was released, and within minutes, it was up to the ankles of much of the crowd.

The foam would continue to flow, with a steady stream of foam coming out at different points of the night.

Meanwhile, even those in attendance who do not normally like to “rage” found themselves dancing to the music.

Barstool finally ended at around 2 AM, and the crowd, most of which were soaking wet from the foam, made their way towards the exit and out onto the sidewalk.  Outside of the theater, the temperatures were as low as 30 degrees.

While some partied into the wee hours of the morning, many people went home to shower and warm themselves up.

Needless to say, it was a pretty chaotic night at the Sherman Theater, and many of those who were in attendance would agree that it was a successful title defense for East Stroudsburg University.

Those who were not in attendance should not be too concerned. The Barstool Blackout Tour is sure to make its way back to East Stroudsburg University within the very near future.

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