Art Exhibit at Madelon Powers Gallery

By David Nostrand
SC Staff Writer

From now until March 15, students will have the opportunity to visit a paintings and ceramics exhibit, featuring artwork by Brenda Quinn and Sharon Cosgrove, at the Madelon Powers Gallery in the Fine and Performing Arts Center.

Being a group exhibit, Professor Joni Oye-Benintende, Art Department Chair and Gallery Director, needed to find multiple artists to be featured.

When asked about how the artists were selected, Oye-Benintende said, “Every February since 1996 or 1998, I’ve curated an exhibit in the art gallery that focuses on three-dimensional art…Usually I’ll bring the three-dimensional artist from out of town because I feel it’s important for students to be exposed to artists outside the area, but I always try to pair them with somebody who is a little more local.”

That’s where Brenda Quinn and Sharon Cosgrove come in.

Cosgrove is a Washington D.C. native who now lives in Pennsylvania and teaches at Wilkes University, and her work has been featured in over fifty art shows, both nationally and internationally, including in the United States Embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Her paintings cover a variety of subjects: still-life, landscape, formal gardens and figure + allegory.

Brenda Quinn is from the suburbs of Philadelphia, and her pottery has been featured in dozens of exhibits; she is also a member of the Pocono Art Council.

Quinn’s pottery is made with the goal of being both aesthetically pleasing and functional, meaning that her work is intended to actually be used.

Students and the public can visit the exhibit at no charge.         The gallery’s hours are 11 AM to 7 PM Wednesday and Thursday and 11 AM to 4 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. The exhibit is a great opportunity for students to see professional artwork, and the pieces on display can be appreciated by both art majors and the rest of the student body.

Art collectors may be interested to know that every piece on display is for sale.

Considering the exhibit is just a short walk from the library and costs nothing to see, one should not pass on the chance to see some very beautiful artwork and show support for a pair of talented artists.

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